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When it comes to butchers, Cumbrae’s is the gold standard Toronto brand for exceptional tasting meat and premium ready-to-serve food. Dry aged beef. Heritage pork. Foie gras. Smoked brisket. To-die-for daily sandwiches. Simply put: heaven on a plate.

When Cumbrae’s came to q30 to update their website, they felt it was important to tell the broader story of why their food is extraordinary. The fact that every succulent bite begins at the farms and with the farmers who are just as much a part of Cumbrae’s as their butcher shops.

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  • Full code development
Cumbraes website home page

We worked with food writer and culinary supporter, Ivy Knight, to develop copy for the site. The statement on the homepage “We don’t just deal with farmers, we are farmers. And butchers. And chefs.” is a bold and confident articulation of the Cumbrae’s advantage. It also draws a clear line between the farm and the store. This concept is reinforced with the inclusion of simple and beautiful videos which take you to the very pastures and barns of those farmers, and through the daily life at a Cumbrae’s store.

Cumbraes website home page detail
Cumbraes website mobile view
Cumbraes website our story

Further proof of the local origin of the food was illustrated through a map showing where the farms are located throughout the province.

Cumbraes map illustration
Cumbraes map icons

But we didn’t stop there. We used hunger-inducing quotes from top-calibre chefs who have become food apostles for Cumbrae’s products. Real chefs who adore the meat Cumbrae’s sells, recognize the importance and benefits of supporting small Ontario farmers, and serve the meat in both their restaurants and their own homes with zeal. These third party endorsements act like a good béarnaise drizzled over one of Cumbrae’s own prime ribs!

Cumbraes website chef quotes
Cumbraes website hours and locations

Finally we integrated Instagram feeds by Cumbrae’s own staff and farmers. Gorgeous shots of the latest offerings, well raised animals, sizzling chops, tender tortellini, succulent steaks.

Cumbraes instagram feed

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